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Monthly Archive: June 2018



June 2018



Bill Schneider Interview: "If Democrats Win Control of the House, I Don't Think It'll Take Them Very Long to Impeach This President"

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Bill Schneider

Bill Schneider, a leading US political analyst, is a professor at the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University and has been a visiting professor at UCLA, Brandeis University and Boston College. He is co-author, with Martin Lipset, of The Confidence Gap. He has written for the Los Angeles Times, the New Republic, the Atlantic, the Washington Post, Politico, Reuters, National Journal and NBC News Think. Schneider was CNN’s senior political analyst from 1990 to 2009. In his latest book, Standoff: How America Became Ungovernable, he delivers a work of incisive history and fresh reporting about the tumultuous […]



June 2018



Katee Sackhoff Interview: "Battlestar Galactica" Star Talks Sci-Fi Thriller "2036 Origin Unknown"

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Katee Sackhoff

Katee Sackhoff is known for playing Lieutenant Kara “Starbuck” Thrace on the science fiction TV series Battlestar Galactica and as Victoria “Vic” Moretti on the western crime drama Longmire. She had a lead role in the eighth season of 24 as Dana Walsh and appeared in The Fearing Mind, The Education of Max Bickford, Bionic Woman, Nip/Tuck and Star Wars: The Clone Wars, among others. In 2017, Sackhoff joined the CW series The Flash in the recurring role of villainess Amunet. She also has been cast to star in the upcoming space drama Another Life, which has been ordered straight-to-series at Netflix. Film appearances include […]